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The Ultimate Quiz


How much of an Emma fan are you? Do you remember every single detail, or forget things like... what Knightley's brother's name is? Don't worry, it happens to all of us. But, if you're like me, you enjoy watching films over and over again until you can answer every single question without thinking... Just highlight the blank area underneath the questions to see the answers.


1. How old is Emma?

21 ("What's the point of my being almost twenty-two" when there is still so much for me to learn?")


2. How old was Mr. Knightley when Emma was born?

16 ("...the gap in our ages; I was sixteen years of age when you were born...")


3. What is Emma's sister's name?

"Isabella" ("...Perhaps that is where Isabella got the notion to go...")


4. What is Mr. Knightley's brother's name?

"John" ("John, this may be the finest Knightley yet.")


5. Who does Harriet live with?

 "Mrs. Goddard" ("Mrs. Goddard has said that I cannot know them and I have left it at that.")


6. What is the name of Mr. Knightley's estate?

"Donwell Abbey"


7. What is the name of Emma's estate?

"Hartfield" ("I'm afraid you overrate Hartfield...")


8. What color is Emma's dress in the scene where Harriet says that she loves Mr. Knightley?



9. Who proposes immediately to Harriet?

Mr. Marten


10. Why does Mr. Knightley say, "Badly done, Emma! Badly done!"?

Because she has insulted Miss Bates, a woman "of her age and situation never thought it possible! ... Humbling her and laughing at her in front of people who would be guided by your treatment of her."


11. What color are Mr. Knightley's eyes?

Brown, though it would be nicer if they were blue, don't you think?


12. What color are Emma's eyes?



13. What color are Harriet's eyes?



14. What color are Mrs. Weston's eyes?

Blue again!


15. What color is Frank Churchill's horse?

White, naturally


16. Why doesn't Emma like Jane Fairfax?

"Perhaps you dislike her because she divides our attentions from you."


17. Solve this riddle:
"Might first displace the pomp of kings,
Lords of the Earth, their luxury and ease;
"Another view of man, my second brings,
Behold him there, the monarch of the seas;
"But are united."
Court + Ship = "Courtship"


18. At the ball, Mr. Knightley comes to Harriet's rescue. How?

By asking Harriet to dance after Mr. Elton snubbed her


19. Name the two things Harriet burned in the fireplace

A pencil and a piece of bandage


20. Finish this sentence: "Sit back and...

and kindly refrain from the intimacy of whispering!"


21. Who did Emma think was going to propose to her?

Frank Churchill ("He loves me... He was going to tell me so before his father burst in...")


22. Why did Emma throw a party for Mrs. Elton?

"I must throw a party for her. Otherwise, everyone will know at once how much I dislike her."


23. Why did Emma stop Mr. Knightley after he said, "But I cannot be wise. Emma... I must tell you what you will not ask... though I may wish it unsaid the next moment"?

She feared he was going to reveal his intention to wed Harriet



1-10: You must remember more than that! Come on!
10-15: Not bad, not bad, but next time take your eyes off Mr. Knightley (no matter how difficult it is) and watch other people, too.
15-23: Jolly good!
23: Ahem. Welcome to the Obsessed With Emma Club!!