One of the most important elements of a film's success depends heavily upon the reliability of the composer. Written magnificently for Emma by Rachel Portman it brings back many of the romantic ballads for a forgotten era, while mixing in a delightful new array of precious moments. Relive the moment that Emma realizes that someone has stolen her heart. Close your eyes and envision the passionate ballroom exchange when Mr. Knightley boldly saves Harriet from being shunned.


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We also have two MIDI ballads available for download NOT included on the original soundtrack:

"Silent Worship" (Emma sings at the Coles' party - download the lyrics here!)

"The Maggot" (Emma and Knightley dance)


The Tracks:


1. Main Titles

2. Harriet's Portrait

3. Sewing & Archery

4. Frank Churchill Arrives

5. Celery Root

6. Mr. Elton's Rejection

7. Emma Tells Harriet

8. The Coles' Party

9. Mrs. Elton's Visit

10. Emma Dreams of Frank

11. The Dance

12. Gypsies

13. The Picnic

14. Emma Insults Miss Bates

15. Emma Writes Her Diary

16. Mr. Knightley Returns

17. Proposal

18. End Titles